For many older adults, the new year is the time when they finally resolve themselves to do something they’ve been thinking about for a long, long time. They’ll finally downsize. 

It doesn’t matter whether the reason is to simplify their lifestyle, to reduce their property upkeep, to save money or to address medical issues, the process is generally stressful and emotionally and physically exhausting for all involved.

But if you’re not prepared for what the process is involves, the stress can be exponentially worse.

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for expert tips f…

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If you now do the bulk of your holiday shopping online, you’re not alone. 
A simple, one-click purchasing makes online shopping a no-brainer for many seniors.
Plus, there’s the sheer chaos of setting foot in a shopping mall any time after Thanksgiving. Who wants to deal with that nightmare, right? As the ever quotable Jane Fonda once said (I’m paraphrasing here), I’d rather take a bubble bath with a tub full of piranhas than set foot in a mall in December.
Despite all the benefits of online shopping — and there are many — there are also plenty of risks. After all, Di…

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Homedics—Immune Boosters for Seniors

By Etta Hornsteiner
December 12th, 2018 Health & Wellness No Comments
Homedics for seniors

The holiday season brings with it colds and flu. For seniors this is a major concern, because during most flu seasons in the United States, an estimated 90% of flu-related deaths and 50% to 60% of flu-related illnesses occur in people aged 65 or older. Flu immunization, healthy eating and exercise are significant ways to prevent and help the immune system ward off respiratory illnesses. But there is still concern when people, especially seniors, spend 90% of their time indoors. This environment can greatly affect the immune system.  So, for your gift-giving or for your per…

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When you’re the young and the restless, you truly believe image is everything. You do what it takes to have that fit-looking body. Then, when you come to the awareness that you have one life to live or all your children are grown-up and have moved away, your health becomes everything. You realize your health may be all you can depend on. You need the guiding light of wisdom to help you navigate this never-before-seen terrain of aging. On this terrain your health is your telescope that you will use to see your prospective self into the future. Therefore your health is your…

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man with outstretched arms-gratitude

It was a rainy fall day. I sat by my window longing for some respite in the weather so that I could go to the gym. It finally came. I quickly got dressed, packed my bag, and headed for the gym. There I met Margarite, my 74-year-old friend, who had just finished exercising.

“It’s a beautiful rainy fall day,” I chimed.

Margarite didn’t agree and quickly corrected me: “There is nothing beautiful about all the rain that’s been flooding people’s homes.”

I was taken aback, but I was not going to let it go so easily. “Well, I am grateful for the rain. I …

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