Put Spring Back in Your Life

By Etta Hornsteiner
March 13th, 2019 Health & Wellness No Comments
springtime-new beginnings in senior years

Yes, I did it.

I’m guilty of it as well; you’re not the only one.

In fact, just the other day I gave a speech in which I talked about entering the “winter years of my life.” It sounded poetic, and, besides, winter is a beautiful time of year, especially around Christmas time.

But I got to thinking: Why do we refer to the senior years as the winter years? Who wants to live through years of winter? Cold, confined indoors for days, craving for sunshine, watching an ever-expanding waistline. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, instead of speaking of the winter years…

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Intentional Aging

Remember that horrible stereotype of an old guy cursing all forms of new technology (likely with his cane raised in anger)? Well, not only is this stereotype offensive, it’s also flat-out wrong. 

Nearly half (42%) of all aging adults own a smartphone, according to a 2016 study. And virtually all of these individuals are skilled at using their smartphones and other tech tools to make their lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.
If you’re looking for some of the best products on the market, we’ve got you covered. After scouring the Internet, we’ve narrowed down our fav…

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heart, rose, key-guard your heart

One day, while perusing YouTube for songs about unrequited love, I came across Al Green’s “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?”

I can think of younger days
When living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
I could never see tomorrow
But I was never told about the sorrow
How can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?

I noted the hundreds of comments left by listeners. Many had experienced a broken heart— from a rejected lover to a lover lost to death.

It is obvious …

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I Dare You to Leave a Legacy of Health

By Etta Hornsteiner
December 31st, 2018 Health & Wellness No Comments
seniors exercising, riding bikes

No two people are the same. You are unique. So despite health reports from the United Nations (UN) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the dire future of a growing aging population, you can be different and defy the odds and leave a legacy of health. Legacy is that impulse to care for those that come after.

A UN Report states that women aged 60 and over will likely experience depressive disorders, which are the leading cause of disability for them, followed by hearing loss, back and neck pain, Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and osteoarthritis.  For men a…

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For many older adults, the new year is the time when they finally resolve themselves to do something they’ve been thinking about for a long, long time. They’ll finally downsize. 

It doesn’t matter whether the reason is to simplify their lifestyle, to reduce their property upkeep, to save money or to address medical issues, the process is generally stressful and emotionally and physically exhausting for all involved.

But if you’re not prepared for what the process is involves, the stress can be exponentially worse.

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for expert tips f…

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