We Are There for You Before You Need Care

Care CoordinatorThere are realities to aging—and for many that means a decline in health either temporarily or over time. When the unexpected happens, Woodhaven at Home will provide you with comprehensive care coordination tailored to you and your needs.

Your Care Coordinator, paired with you on the first day of your membership, works to anticipate your needs and resolve your issues. He or she is your personal healthcare advocate, providing assessments, advice, workshops and other preventative and wellness offerings tailored to you—not just during a health crisis, but all year-round.

If a time comes where you are in need of in-home care for any length of time, your Care Coordinator’s role shifts from wellness and prevention to a focus on arranging, scheduling, and overseeing care through our network of providers. Services are provided how and when you require them, and adjust as your needs change.

Our Care Coordinators will:

  • Design and oversee a personal health, wellness, and care plan.
  • Assess potential health risks and conditions going forward.
  • Arrange and supervise your required care as it evolves.
  • Evaluate and recommend home safety measures.
  • Schedule in-home care services when necessary.
  • Monitor your medical conditions, advance directives and other important information.
  • Coordinate outside healthcare services.
  • Assist you in navigating the complex healthcare system as needed.

We hand-pick and personally hire all of our Care Coordinators. Not only are they highly trained professionals, but our Care Coordinators also serve as liaison with family members so as not to burden them with filling the difficult caregiver role.

If your health changes, just pick up the phone. You have access to support 24/7 to consult with a Care Coordinator. As decisions about your health and care come up, you can also be advised by someone you’ve already developed a relationship with—your Care Coordinator.

Are you ready for retirement? Download this free guide to help you determine if you’re ready and prepared for a safe and healthy retirement.