Flexible Options for Your Lifestyle

We all want to live as long, and as comfortably, as possible. Whether you are still actively working, getting ready to consider retirement, or already semi- or fully-retired, it’s never too early to consider your future. The good news is that Woodhaven at Home offers an array of options available to help you age in place safely and in comfort.

Designed for healthy, active adults between the ages of 55 and 85 who live in Southeast Michigan and value vitality and aging independence, Woodhaven at Home is structured to provide asset preservation, the support and advocacy of a Wellness and Care Coordinator, and care at home if and when it is needed.

Woodhaven at Home offers much more than just long-term care protection. We are your partner in preventative care and your resource when you need support. Woodhaven at Home offers you the opportunity to customize your membership plan to fit your lifestyle. What’s important is that you take action while choices are still available to you.

Through proactive planning, living happily at home can be much easier, safer, more practical, and more enjoyable with a Woodhaven at Home plan.