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Put Spring Back in Your Life

By Etta Hornsteiner
March 13th, 2019 Health & Wellness No Comments
springtime-new beginnings in senior years

Yes, I did it.

I’m guilty of it as well; you’re not the only one.

In fact, just the other day I gave a speech in which I talked about entering the “winter years of my life.” It sounded poetic, and, besides, winter is a beautiful time of year, especially around Christmas time.

But I got to thinking: Why do we refer to the senior years as the winter years? Who wants to live through years of winter? Cold, confined indoors for days, craving for sunshine, watching an ever-expanding waistline. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, instead of speaking of the winter years…

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Aging happily-A butterfly representing maturity

If you are dreading the golden years, or if you have embarked already on this odyssey but need some inspiration to guide you, then here are five tips for aging happily and adjusting your outlook about aging to one of health, vitality and continuous growth.
Age at home, if you can
Thirty-seven years ago, Rick, a general contractor now 72, and Linda, an interior designer now 71, moved from Simi Valley in California to Auburn Hills, Michigan. Rick and Linda wanted a new environment that would support their well-being. They carefully selected their home because they knew it w…

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